Warranty & Customer Care

Warranty & Customer Care

Congratulations on the purchase of your Fischer & Frichtel home! The outstanding service our customers rave about doesn’t end on closing day. It continues through our Warranty & Customer Care Program. 

Fischer & Frichtel homes are covered by a Ten Year Limited Warranty provided through Residential Warranty Company LLC (RWC). What makes our program unique is that during year one, service requests related to defective materials and workmanship are managed by F&F Homes and the sub-contractors who built your home!

In year two, specific portions of the HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing systems are serviced as needed. For the remaining eight years, your warranty is from RWC and applies to major structural defects, as further defined in the warranty booklet. If the home is sold within the 10 year term, the RWC warranty will transfer to the new owner.

An informational booklet about the RWC Warranty is included in your closing packet. Please take time to review this booklet and follow the instructions on the first page to obtain your Confirmation Number.  Please familiarize yourself with the warranty coverage and limits.

For your convenience, we provide a 30 DAY SERVICE DATE and an 11 MONTH SERVICE DATE after your closing and request you submit service items to us. Warranty Request items must be submitted electronically in your Personal Homeowners Warranty Portal. All 30 DAY SERVICE PERIOD requests should be entered and uploaded to the Homeowners Warranty Portal No later than 25 DAYS after your closing date. All 11 MONTH SERVICE PERIOD requests should be entered and uploaded to the Homeowners Warranty Portal No later than 11 MONTHS after your closing date.

Access and Submit a Service Request:

Upon completion of your Warranty Period, you will receive an acknowledgement from our team noting we have received your service requests. After review for warranty coverage, we will contact you and collaborate to schedule covered work. Occasionally delays may occur in the scheduling of the repairs due to timing circumstances beyond our control and we appreciate your patience.

If you have any questions about the 30 Day or 11 Month warranty service periods, the process or accessing the portal – Please contact: Cassie Dreher, Warranty Service Manager (314) 227-1561 or email:  warranty@fandfhomes.com


Emergency Service Instructions:

In case of an emergency, which include the following situations as a guide, please contact: F&F Warranty Service Department at (636) 227-1561, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For after-hour emergencies only (weekends and after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays), please contact: Cassie Dreher, Warranty Service Manager (314) 236-4160

Please utilize our normal procedure for service requests in non-emergency situations. 

Emergency Service Situations include:

Damage to personal property is not covered by F&F Homes Limited Warranty or the Ten Year Limited Warranty.

Warranty Service For Your Appliances:

In the first year of ownership, F&F Homes will assist you in the warranty of your appliances with the Manufacturer. The manufacturers appliance warranties are assigned to you at the closing date. In the event you have a problem, please submit a service request to F&F Homes on your Homeowners Warranty Portal and we will work with you and the supplier, Authorized Appliance, on correcting the problem or deficiency with the Manufacturer.  The appliance supplier’s contact information is:

Authorized Appliance

1650 N. Warson Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63132
Phone: (314) 429-0972
Email: info@authorizedstl.com

Please Note: Manufacturer’s appliance warranties are assigned to you at the closing date. Please make sure to mail your warranty registration cards directly to the manufacturer immediately after closing. The appliances are to be warranted directly to you in accordance with the terms and conditions of the written warranties supplied by their manufacturers.

If a problem arises with an appliance after your one year warranty expires, call the customer service number listed in the manufacturer’s warranty booklet. When reporting warranty items to the appliance manufacturer, be prepared to supply the following:

You may also contact a local independent appliance service company, including:

St. Louis Appliance Service                Mid America Service
(636) 349-5588                                         (636) 928-4131


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