Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We LOVE our house and the process was wonderful.  In addition to the great work Tim, Jim and Laura did (and even Matt was the initial sales contact that handed us over to Jim), each worker from F&F I have talked to speaks so well of the company. Most have been with F&F over 10 years, and they are nice and take care of business. Sure, it is about a quality building to call home, but F&F made us feel like it was being built by family for our family.  We would do it all over again….but for now, we’ll enjoy this one! Since we were in CT, Jim, Tim & Laura made this process easy and very accommodating. The FaceTime appointments were well done and made us feel a part of the process. Tim promised he would deliver the home we designed with Laura…and he did just that.  What a great experience!!!

Daniel Jobe - October 2023 | Windsor Park

Your employees are unbelievable people. Everyone we have worked with has been communicative, caring, helpful, knowledgeable, and willing. Kristy Roderick got us introduced to the company and community and was so helpful through the process and got us started on the right path. Michelle Martin was unbelievably knowledgeable and helpful during the design process, Frank Chaber was quick to show us around, inform us of the homes, and make us feel confident in buying. He also loves to stop by when we’re outside just to check on us. His compassion and care for this entire neighborhood is remarkable. He knows everyone’s name, most of their pets names, and their occupations. He truly gets to know everyone and cares for us all. Cassie responds to any customer service questions very quick and gets the various trades and contractors to schedule us and help us as soon as possible. I could go on and on about everyone else – Tommy, Gregg, everyone. Love the house, love the neighborhood, the location, and the service. You have a truly amazing staff and culture to the company that is hard to come by. Thank you!

Cole Evans - September 2023 | Windswept Farms

Nothing but good things to say about Fischer Homes! We built 5 years ago and still love our house.

Carla Trampe - March 2023 | Miralago in Cottleville

Laura, Kevin, and Matt brought our dream house vision to the next level! We did due diligence on all of the local builders and ultimately chose them because of their focus on quality, amazing personalities, differentiated degree of customization , and excellent responsiveness. The outcome was amazing! Best builder if you’re in the upper mid level price point and value a lot of customization and attention to detail.

Dan Goeddel - September 2022 | Fienup Farms in Chesterfield

Best home builder in the St. Louis area, plain and simple. The build quality won’t be beaten. Greg was incredible throughout the entire sales process and Tim the project manager is a class act. Thank you for our beautiful home!

J.C. - August 2022 | the Villages of Provence in St. Charles

The entire process from beginning to end was nothing but exceptional. The bi-weekly and weekly calls are so valuable and I hope this will continue. It made feel like we were involved in the entire home building process. I felt that all my questioned were answered timely and explained extremely well. The sales office was exceptional as well, it felt like the sales agent new who were were and felt like just a customer. The Home Center—I would never have been to design this house without them. The suggestions they gave and the knowledge they have made the process easy. If I wanted something they tried to make it work and if it didn’t work explained why it couldn’t work. I am so happy with my home, I love everything about it and the community is awesome. Thank you everyone who was involved in building my home. Also, I have to say every single construction worker inside and out were so friendly and always greeted us with a smile. Again, thank you Fischer & Frichtel.

Nicole D - March 2022 | Arden Pointe in Dardenne Prairie

Upon the completion of, and moving into, our beautiful new home, we would like to commend all of your employees involved in the construction – carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, etc. But we would especially like to commend the following Fischer & Frichtel people whose professionalism was so impressive:

Kristy, who sold us the villa and who offered insight and suggestions for layout and finish which would meet our specific needs. She truly listened to our needs and wishes for downsizing into a villa and recommended the best model being offered in this special community. She brought our ideas truly into focus and was just fun to work with!

Michelle, who knew everything about the details of our house, from the flooring to paint to cabinets to faucets and door knobs. She knew the products so well and patiently explained the choices so we could “see” the end result. We were especially impressed with her well-organized approach to the building details. Within 5 hours we planned every part of our new home! Also throughout the process she remained responsive and patient with our frequent inquiries.

Kirk, who made our house dream become a reality. His expert supervision and professionalism was quite impressive. He was assigned our new subdivision when Bubba abruptly retired. Kirk somehow managed to juggle many new homes and keep the new owners informed of the progress. His job was especially challenging because of a harsh winter, product shortages and a global pandemic. In our view, he faced a colossal and exceptional task while always being friendly, respective and patient. The house he created is beautiful!

We cannot properly thank these three very special people for making our dream home become a reality, but wanted to make you aware of our appreciation.

While this was our first experience working with Fischer & Frichtel, we are so pleased with our choice of one of your offerings. The stellar reputation of your company is certainly not an exaggeration!

Steve & Suzanne Collins - October 2021 | The Villages at Brightleaf in Wildwood

Laura, Kevin, and Matt brought our dream house vision to the next level! We did due diligence on all of the local builders and ultimately chose Fischer & Frichtel because of their focus on quality, amazing personalities, differentiated degree of customization , and excellent responsiveness. The outcome was amazing! Best builder if you’re in the upper mid level price point and value a lot of customization and attention to detail.

Dan Goeddel - January 2022 | Fienup Farms in Chesterfield

Laura helped us build an amazing home! She helped us think of all the little things AND came up with ideas to jazz up the front of the house for us. Matt was also great to work with, he was so kind and helpful. What a great team of people!

Kara Klindworth - October 2021 | Facebook Post

I have had three homes built in the last 25 years. F&F does as good a job as any builder in the St. Louis metro area. Their fit and finish is excellent. I know what I’m doing, and I know what to look for. Highly recommended

Dennis Svitak - August 2021 | Facebook Post

We have owned two Fischer and Frichtel Homes and have never been more pleased or seen better quality.

Gary Brown - July 2021 | Facebook Post

Absolutely amazing homes and service ❤


Joy Blair - June 2021 | Fienup Farms in Chesterfield
Bridget & John Nations - Built in 2008 I Build Where You Want

My wife and I purchased a house from you in October and we are extremely satisfied customers. Matt is a salesperson’s salesperson and more importantly, quite frankly, just a really nice guy! He shows up when he says he will, he returns call and email and texts immediately. He is respectful, hospitable, earnest, hardworking, knowledgeable and we could really go on and on. Matt is one of the very few people we know who, when he says he will get back to you, really does.

Laura is friendly, super knowledgeable, very polite, patient, resourceful and a lady we can count on. In part because of her eye for detail and her curiosity about what F&F could do to build our dream home and stay within our budget, she is EXACTLY the right person to help buyers!

We could go on and on about how much we love our new home and the team. If you recall an ad on TV that Anheuser – Busch ran, at the end of the 60 second spot the screen would fade to black and their logo would appear and under it they wrote, ‘Someone Still Cares About Quality.’ That could very easily be Fischer & Frichtel’s slogan as well.

George and Judy Reid - October 2020 I The Villages at Brightleaf - Woodland Village

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. We had a wonderful experience with Fischer and Frichtel. From the moment we found our home until the very end, they were there for any and all questions we had. The quality of their work is top notch and we couldn’t be any happier with our home! We absolutely LOVE it!!

Meri Crawford - March 2020 | Oakleigh Park in St. Charles

I have built 3 houses prior to this one with other builders. You will be amazed at the attention to detail, the quality of workmanship, and the integrity of F & F. If I ever build again, it will be with them.

Byron Peirce - February 2020 | Facebook Post

No words to explain the type of service they provided to us right from the contract to till we got keys for our new home. All three people (Matt Johnson (Sales Manager), Laura Dalba (Design Consultant), and Ron (Bubba) Spencer (Project Manager) that we worked with building our home had a great patience in explaining things at all stages of construction. They were so accommodating for any changes that we requested in the process of home building. Matt Johnson was so patient and quick in answering any questions that we had and was ready to help us in the process. Great customer service and care! We truly enjoyed working with Fischer & Frichtel builders in our new home construction.

Megharaja Manangi - January 2020 | The Villages at Brightleaf in Wildwood

We bought our Villa in the Provence subdivision a little over a year ago. We love our home and our neighborhood! The house is well built and the people we dealt with to build it were wonderful. I wish all my friends bought a villa by us.

Adrienne Mazdra - July 2019 | The Villages of Provence in St. Charles
The LeBeau Family - October 2018 | Miralago Estates in Cottleville & Cimarron in Wentzville

Building experience was so easy! They help every step of the way and are super easy to work with. Much better than other builders in the St. Louis area!

Colleen Lynch - September 2018 | The Manors at MacKenzie Valley in Affton

I just wanted to express my appreciation for all of your staff who have been absolutely fantastic, as well as for the quality of the home you guys have built. This is the third home I have built and you guys are first class. Second place is not even close. I want to specifically call out two of your employees who I personally believe went above and beyond every single step of the way. Kevin Mahlke and Jim Horton. Man what can I say. These two supported us at every turn, looked out for our best interest, made sure we were always happy, while balancing the company’s interest and fairness on both sides. In the end F&F ALWAYS did the right thing and spared no expense. (ok some expense to me 😉 Since both of them have worked for F&F for a long time, I am sure you have come to realize what an asset these two are but I couldn’t go on my way without saying something. Above and beyond in every sense of the word, and it has been greatly appreciated by my entire family.

Caleb Sheppard - May 2018 | Wyndgate Reserve in O'Fallon

My family and I had such a great experience with Fischer & Frichtel! We love them so much we built two homes with them in a three year period (we moved because we wanted a different location). Kristy Roderick is absolutely the best! She was our sales person for both homes and we couldn’t be more pleased. She made us feel so comfortable and showed us that with Fischer & Frichtel, the world is truly your oyster. We had the pleasure of having Billy as our project manager. He was always at the site to watch over things and went above and beyond to make our house a showplace. When we decided to build again, we were so excited to find he was working in our new subdivision! We have built with other area builders in the past and they build houses, but F&F builds homes! Getting a custom home that suites your exact needs (thanks Laura in the Home Center) and makes you happy every time you step in it, means a lot in this crazy busy world! Thanks for a great experience from the whole F&F team!

Erin - January 2018 | Deer Hollow in Wildwood
The Anselm Family - August 2016 | Miralago in Cottleville

We love our Fischer & Frichtel home, and had great support throughout the building process from start to finish. From the initial sales guidance, the design process, the actual build and now the follow-up customer service, we have had nothing short of spectacular service from the company. I highly recommend Fischer & Frichtel if you’re in the market for a new home.

Brad Collins - Dec 2017 | Wilmer Valley in Wentzville

Fischer and Frichtel left us fully contented with the build of our new home, as part of their continued legacy as a top-notch home builder. It’s a gorgeous, lovely home – and Laura, our Home Center Consultant is the cornerstone (for this ‘Laura’s house,’ as we often call it), with all her gracious help, guidance, and support, scoring 500 points out of 100 points in our humble esteem. Jim, our sales manager, helped us with lots of great ideas when we were getting started. Heather and Kevin, our project manager, were also very gracious with their help and support, and in being attentive to our needs and wishes. We are absolutely convinced that what makes F&F such a great builder are its people like them. And it’s this wonderful experience that leaves us blabbering so highly of F&F, any time and every time the folks at work ask us about the house. It has been a great ride so far – and as a die-hard fan of F&F already, looking forward to continuing to enjoy the same till all is said and done.

Tapashi and Ashoke Sengupta - August 2017 | Wilmer Valley in Wentzville

Fischer & Frichtel built our home back in 1994 by Grant’s Farm. I love the fact that it’s still a SOLID house! No drywall cracks, no settling, walls are still 90 degrees. Our house still feels new. F&F does it RIGHT!

Stephen - February 2018 | Affton

We loved our F&F Villa. The best home and choice we ever made. Our villa was energy efficient, fun to decorate, and the floor plan was perfect for our family. But the greatest thing was the crew who built it. They were amazing! If I ever come back to Missouri to live again (we were transferred to AZ), my first call would be to F&F Homes, and that’s the truth. F&F Homes represent family, togetherness, and perfection all under one warm roof. If they built here in Arizona, I would trade my home today and move! Thank you F&F Homes for the beautiful home building and buying experience. You go above and beyond.

Linda Crandall - November 2017 | Kendall Bluffs in Chestefield

Our home building experience with Fischer & Frichtel was great. We choose F&F because of their great reputation for quality home building and we were not disappointed! The team was fantastic to work with from start to finish and helped us in many ways throughout the process. We most appreciated the ability to customize our home design and floor plan to meet our needs. If you are looking to build a good, quality home and want to work with a great team, Fischer & Frichtel is a great way to go!

Shalyn & Darren - May 2017 | Wyndgate Oaks in O'Fallon

My wife and I had been looking to build our ‘forever’ home for a while, and Fischer & Frichtel had a extension to an existing community that had that one perfect lot. Jim was amazing: he was patient with our myriad questions, worked with us to explain their process, and you could tell he was passionate about playing matchmaker for buyers. Next came Laura Dalba in the Home Center. I don’t think we would have made it through without her amazing suggestions and ideas. This can be an extremely daunting task as we picked out everything from where to put extra outlets, to which walls needed which paint color, to how we would combine 2 bedrooms into a suite. We ended up with our perfect home as she worked to understand our NEEDS, but also our DREAMS. Once we broke ground, our new home was in Bubba’s hands and his passion for home building, quality, and transparency was unsurpassed. We were invited to visit as often as we wanted and to let him know if we saw things that were off or if we had questions. Any issues we reported (there were only a few) were addressed immediately. A week or so before closing we decided to go and nit-pick at the house before our pre-closing walk through. When we showed up, there were little blue painter’s tape pieces all over the walls and floors and everywhere. They had already come through and reviewed things with a VERY fine-toothed comb. They found things I would never have seen or even known about and fixed them before closing. After we closed and had a chance to live in the house for a few weeks, we noticed some other items that needed to be fixed. Matt was immediately responsive to those requests and worked to get them all resolved through coordination us and those needed to resolve the issues. We were blown away by their attention to detail, complete transparency, and standard for quality. From pre-sale, to design selection with them AND their subcontractors, to construction, and post-sale, we have been impressed at every step. We are extremely thankful to our team that helped bring our DREAM to a REALITY.

The Weavers - February 2017 | Wyndgate Oaks in O'Fallon

On behalf of the entire Boehmer Team, we would like to thank you for the excellent buying experience you recently provided to our client. Not only have you delivered a quality home, it was done in timely fashion and professionally presented. Everyone who was in contact with our buyers including the Sales Manager, Project Manager, Design Center and Customer Service have been professional and courteous.

The Boehmer Team with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Select Properties - February 2017 | St. Charles - St. Louis Communities

I love working with Fischer & Frichtel. I closed a home with them in Pevely Farms last year, my clients and I could not have been more pleased…truly the Cadillac of builders in St Louis/St Charles.

Walter Harris, ReMax Edge Results - January 2017 | Pevely Farms in Eureka
The Redd Family - August 2016 | Miralago in Cottleville
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